Profoto Blog Feature

  Profoto have published an article about my personal photography project with the Hamer Tribe in Ethiopia on their Profoto blog page. On-location photography with Esam Hassanyeh Personal projects allow us photographers to shoot more meaningful stuff for more intimate … Continue reading Profoto Blog Feature

Shutter Speed – Take it Slowly

Understanding how your camera’s shutter works offers a more creative (and fun) view of the world. By slowing things down a little, you can turn an ordinary image or scene into something quiet arty and unique. In this first of two posts looking a shutter speed, I show you how I slow down my shutter to be more creative. In my second post, Shutter Speed – Pan & Zoom I show panning and zooming techniques that I use to go a little bit further. Slowing down the swimmer creates a ghostly feel to his face and jaws and also smoothes out the splashing … Continue reading Shutter Speed – Take it Slowly