Shutter Speed – Take it Slowly

Understanding how your camera’s shutter works offers a more creative (and fun) view of the world. By slowing things down a little, you can turn an ordinary image or scene into something quiet arty and unique.

In this first of two posts looking a shutter speed, I show you how I slow down my shutter to be more creative. In my second post, Shutter Speed – Pan & Zoom I show panning and zooming techniques that I use to go a little bit further.

Slowing down the swimmer creates a ghostly feel to his face and jaws and also smoothes out the splashing water.

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Canon 1d4, 400mm f2.8L, 1/50th, f4, iso 400, on monopod

The great thing about playing with shutter speed is that it offers creative options in any lighting or weather condition.

I learnt how to use shutter speed from a book by the great Bryan Peterson that I highly recommend Understanding Shutter Speed the rest, came with practice.

The fed in his reds pings a first serve away. By moving the focus point onto his face, it keeps this and slower parts of the scene sharper but allows faster moving parts to ‘drag’. A monopod helps steady everything.

D92C4944 Copy
Canon 1dx, 70-200 f2.8L II, 1/40th, f8, iso 2000, on monopod

The famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. Slowing the shutter creates a sense of the incredible energy and volume of people darting between sidewalks before the lights change and cars reclaim the streets.

Canon 5d3, 16-35mm f2.8L, 1/6th, f8, iso 400, on tripod

Grand Central NYC. The ghosting of a woman’s high heels across the image foreground turns an ordinary image of GC into something more interesting.

Canon 5d3, TS-E 17mm f4L, 1.6 secs, f11, iso 100, on tripod

This shot of a man cautiously wading his way though heavy rains on his scooter in Jakarta was taken from the balcony of my 34th apartment. At 1/60th,  individual rain drops appear to dance across the scene, creating a painterly effect to the photograph and leaving much to the viewers imagination.

Canon 5d3, 300mm f2.8L, 1/60th, f10, iso 400, on tripod

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