Bikeography 3 – London Architecture on iPhone 6

A quick post today as rushing to get away for an evening ride as the weather is fab!.

It’s been a busy few weeks riding and UK summer has been teasing…but finally appeared this week with the hottest days of the year so far.

Land of the giants – Canary Wharf
Long legs walking to walk – Spitalfieds

As I reconnect with London on my bike, I am seeing this beautiful city with new and refreshing eyes. Well, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Crossrails looks like a prehistoric fish about to gobble up the Marriot Hotel
Wonder if everyone on the DLR is dressed so colourfully?

What started out as a bit of fun riding around taking snaps on my iPhone 6, has turned into a semi-serious obsession.

I feel like a bird in a Cage – KPMG, Canada Square
Zen reflections of a corporate world

The summer London light is beautiful and each day, I see the same building or landscape very differently.

1 Canada Square -How can such a tall building fit into such a small pond?
1 Canada Square

Of course, this is the quality of light. Morning and evening light have different characteristics…and so do the angles at which you shoot.

Underneath Crossrails

I like to shoot the same thing many times…I see it as a challenge between man (me) and nature (light). The building stays the same but the light always changes.

Citi-Building B&W
London Canary Wharf, I love this Citi
Morning light falls softly on Tower Bridge

This is where my bike is invaluable, as it allows me to ride like the wind and chase light through the narrow streets and cluttered districts of this amazing city.

Move Your Bike
This bike has seen better days, now it has just 7 days to move
Cheesy tourist shot of City Hall
Tower Place – Lovely open space

Ok, that’s it for now as gotta head out for evening ride…more to follow soon!

All images shot on iPhone 6 whilst riding my bike. Images treated with basic colour and tone editing on iPhone 6 using Photoshop app.

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