Born in Sierra Leone, Lebanese of origin, raised in the UK and have also lived in Paris, Jakarta and Dubai. For now, London is my home again. I guess thats why I find people, culture and community fascinating. I am happiest when on the move with my camera. Most comfortable in the remotest of places with people i’ve never met before.

Through my travels and photography, I am privileged to have met so many incredible people from around the world, heard their personal stories and captured moments of encounter.

My interest in storytelling started with movies. I prefer the old days when actors had class, films led with dialogue and cinematography was an art form. I also loved photographs as they captured a moment in time and allowed our imagination to transcend the image. Surprisingly, I didn’t take up photography until 2008 when it started as a hobby. Before this, my day job was training people in banks and financial companies. I set up my own financial training company in Dubai. I also trained people myself on how to communicate with others in business.

When i’m not exploring other parts of the world, I love to ride my bike around London and snap buildings, place and spaces on my iPhone…and play tennis when it doesn’t rain.

The more we see in life, the more we see in ourselves…


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