Esam Hassanyeh is an Abu Dhabi based photographer for corporate and portrait photography using DSLR and medium format. He is self-taught and is as comfortable in the studio as he is on location with lighting.

His personal projects are inspired by an interest in cultural, spiritual and behavioural attitudes of people and communities. Spending time with his subjects, he explores how their way of life is influenced by an ever-changing world. Digital photography is simply a chosen medium. The photographic image portrays a specific expression or emotion of encounter. The true and lasting impact comes with personal interaction and hearing the stories of people who live their lives in a way that honours who they really are.

Born in Sierra Leone, he was raised in the UK. He has also lived in Paris, Jakarta and Dubai. Before becoming a professional photographer, he worked in the financial markets in London and then started his own financial training company in Dubai. He also trains people himself.

The more we see in life, the more we see in ourselves…


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