Bikeography 2 – Architecture on iPhone 6

It’s been a great week to ride my bike in London…Iv’e been out daily and the weather has been anything but summer, but it’s thrown some amazing light around.

Earlier this week, I started my my rides around 6pm and went mainly around London bridge and the City (until around 10.30pm). The wintery weather made for some moody light.

esam hassanyeh bikeography 29-06-16-3
Moody look to Tower Bridge on iPhone 6

I prefer summer sunsets to shoot as I find the light is soft as butter and hues transform beautifully (especially after rain). UBM Building below is a good example.

esam hassanyeh bikeography 30-06-16-3
UBM Building on Blackfriars at sunset on iPhone

I went for alternative views of the famous Walkie Talkie Building. The shot on the left I took resting my iPhone on a coloured table at City Hall after it rained. Basic colour in Photoshop app for the arty sky look. On the right, the tallest water spurt in London towers above the Walkie Talkie and The Leadenhall Buildings.

Although I lived in London for 18 years, I never went to explore inside the Barbican. To be fair, I only took up photography after I moved to Dubai. So I do have an excuse…so now I went to explore…so glad I did.

esam hassanyeh bikeography 30-06-16
I love to play with reflections
esam hassanyeh bikeography 30-06-16-5
The Barbican has a quirky beauty about it


As it’s Saturday, I went for a morning ride. I started out 8am (later than I wanted to) and headed off Canary Wharf. Morning light can be amazing too, but you have to be up early as the light can become harsh quite quickly, especially on a sunny day.

esam hassanyeh bikeography 02-07-16
Morning backlight, Canary Wharf on iPhone

I love shooting backlight and sidelight as it creates fab contrast and leaves more for the eye to play with.

esam hassanyeh bikeography 02-07-16-2
1 Canada Square with lovely side light

Mother nature threw everything at me today, wind, showers, warm sunshine and clouds..however, it made for some fantastic light between the tall giants of Canary Wharf.

esam hassanyeh bikeography 02-07-16-7
Citi Building with streaking side light
esam hassanyeh bikeography 02-07-16-8
40 Bank Street with light streaking through the clouds

It’s almost impossible to shoot a fresh view of something that’s been around for so long and photographed so many times. So for me, I don’t try…I just explore light.

esam hassanyeh bikeography 02-07-16-4
Moody light gives lovely reflections and contrast to 1 Canada Square

I love to try many different angles of the same building to try to mix it up. The bike is perfect for this as it allows me to get around quickly.

esam hassanyeh bikeography 02-07-16-5
1 Canada Square
esam hassanyeh bikeography 02-07-16-6
Cross Rail Place, Canary Wharf

All images shot on iPhone 6, edited in iPhone on photoshop app and lower resolution pics produced for this blog post. I have also done very limited tweaking…the amazing available light did the rest.

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