Bikeography – Architecture On iPhone 6

Riding a bicycle is not only one of the easiest ways to travel around London, it’s also one of the best ways to explore this beautiful city. A bike can get you to many different places in a very short time.

Architectural photography involves carrying heavy camera gear, a tripod and walking around a big city for hours in search of beautiful buildings to photo.

Always looking for new ways of doing things, I wondered how I could combine my love of cycling and architectural photography in London and make it fun.

London on Iphone-10
Tower 42 between The Leadenhall and Aviva Buildings

The answer – Bikeography: Cycle around London to explore 360 views of buildings, snap pics on my iPhone 6 and have fun all at the same time!

London on Iphone
Tower 42 from a different angle shot on the same day

On my bike, I can easily return to the same area at different times of the ride to explore different light (The Shard below). Now imagine how long and tiring that would be walking with a heavy camera bag.

These images of The Shard were taken from the same spot, on the same day, but at different times. The light streaks in the second image are reflections off a shiny metal rail. Both shot on iPhone 6.

London on Iphone-4
An opposite view from the same spot of the Walkie Talkie Building

Ok first of all, a camera phone is not going to produce print quality images (unlike those dubious large apple poster ad’s – shot on iPhone 6s), especially in low light. However, they can produce fairly decent results for blog posts like this. Image quality is better if you rest the phone on the floor or a rail etc.

London on Iphone-7
Tower Bridge taken from London Bridge on iPhone 6

For all of these images, I have kept editing to a basic minimum using just tone and colour on photoshop app on iPhone 6.

London on Iphone-5
The Shard shot with iPhone 6 resting on the floor


London on Iphone-11
The Leadenhall Building

Bikeography enables me to check out loads of London’s amazing architecture in a single ride and from lots of different angles. This would not be as easy on foot as I would simply have too much ground to cover. I can also explore light at different times of the day without breaking my back or feet with a heavy camera bag.

London on Iphone-8
Bank of England

By taking these pics on my iPhone, I am able to plan my preferred angle and light scenarios for the proper pics. Then, I simply return another time on my bike with my Canon 5d3, a suitable Canon Tilt/Shift lens (I have the 17mm, 24mm and 90mm), a tripod and then shoot my print quality final image. This is much easier to carry in a backpack when riding a bike.

London on Iphone-12
The Leadenhall Building

All of these images were taken on my bike with my iPhone 6.

Just imagine how many miles can be covered in a single ride, how many buildings can be viewed and how many different angles can be explored riding a bike….now just imagine what that does for your creative photographic options.

I love riding my bike, I love exploring London, I love the beautiful architecture of this great city and I love photography…now I can do it all at the same time and keep fit!

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