Character Portrait of a Life Coach

This is the second of my posts for my studio shoot with Sundus, a life coach from Kuwait.

In the first set up, Studio Portraits – Life Coach Profile Shots I did a few casual but professional profile shots. However, for this shot, I wanted something completely different.

Sundus asked for a classic portrait as she had never had one taken before. I really like working with people who are happy to try something new!

I decided on a simple but strong 3 light set up on a plain black background. I wouldn’t usually use this set up for a woman but Sundus has the personality and beautiful Kuwaiti look to pull it off.

Portrait Setup-3

I used a Profoto 2×3 soft box with tight 30 degree grid and 1/2 CTO gel to light her top body and face. This gives her a nice warm glow. This was metered at f8 and 1 stop below the key.

Portrait Setup-2

I used a Profoto 1×6 strip box with a mask as a fill light for the right side of her body. Under her black suit, she wore a blue shirt and the strip light bought out the smallest detail of the shirt and cuff. This also separated her from the plain black background. This was metered at f5.6 (2 stops below key).

Finally, I used a Profoto fresnel as the key to throw a tightly focused light on her face that also cast a small shadow under her chin. This was metered at f13 (as she has dark skin).

Esam Hassanyeh Blog Portrait

Exif: 125th, f11, iso 100

Again, this is not a setup I would normally use for a woman, but Sundus pulls it off so well.

Gear used: Hasselblad H4d-40 + 100mm lens, 2 x Profoto D1’s,  1×6″ strip box + mask, 2×3 soft box + grid + 1/2 CTO gel, Profoto B1 with Profoto fresnel.

To view more of my images, please visit my web esam hassanyeh


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