Studio Portraits – Life Coach Profile Shots

Sundus is from Kuwait and has just qualified as a certified life coach so she wanted some profile shots for general use on her web. She asked for different looks that showed her personality, positive energy and enthusiasm for coaching as well as a slightly more classic portrait covered here Character Portrait of a Life Coach

The first set up was for a few casual but professional profile shots. For this, I wanted to use a big lighting set up that would give a nice even spread of light on a plain white background.

Portrait Setup

I set up 2 x 5″ Profoto Octa boxes either side of her, but as close as possible and metered f11. This gave a big soft spread of light that wrapped around her. I then added a Profoto 1×6″ strip box metered at f13 below to fill the lower part of her body and any shadows cast under her eyes. This also ensured that the background wall was evenly lite throughout the scene.

For the key, I used a Profoto fresnel tightly shaped just for her face and metered f13 (as she has darker skin). This also cast a nice small shadow under her chin and body on the background wall.

Finally, as she has beautiful dark hair, I set another Profoto 1×6″ strip box above her metered at f16 to add some kick to her hair and separate her from the plain white background.

I positioned her about 2ft from the white back wall , which metered f10. I usually meter a white background around +1 stop over key light, but here, as the key lights were lighting the background, I got a nice off white colour to separate her shirt from the back wall.


Exif: 125th, f11, iso 100

Gear Used: Hasselblad H4d-40 + 100mm lens, 4 x Profoto D1’s, 1 x Profoto B1, 2 x 5″ Profoto 5″ octa’s, 2 x Profoto 1×6″ strip boxes, 1 x Profoto fresnel.

To view more of my images, please visit my web esamhassanyeh

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